Honey Maple Pecan Butter

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Packaged in a 8oz glass jar.

Ingredients: pecans, honey, pure maple syrup & salt

2 reviews for Honey Maple Pecan Butter

  1. Danny Cropper

    The Honey-Maple-Pecan Butter with Salt has a rich and balanced taste and a smooth texture to spread easily on toast or bread. The Pecan nut favor balances well with the combined Pure Maple Syrup and Honey sweetness. A higher percentage of pecan nut protein offsets the natural sugars in the Honey and Maple Syrup for better glucose control as well. As a diabetic, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my blood sugar did not shoot straight up with the Maple Syrup and Honey due to the greater percentage of nut protein. It tastes fantastic and reminds me of Christmas and the holidays with the combination of pecan, maple and honey favors. It is a real treat on grass feed buttered toast with a cup of coffee at sunrise. A great way to start the day!!!

  2. Kim

    I have never loved a nut butter so much. We were visiting for the summer in Santa Barbara and picked up a jar. I am really hoping it comes back in stock because we are close to being out!

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